Friday, August 08, 2008

Dragoncon Advent

As this is the third Friday before Draconcon, we are entering Advent, the period of expectant waiting and preparation for the celebration of Fandom. My costuming is complete, my panel scheduling started, and I can finish up my trip prep.

I think I may have some calenders printed up with the important dates of the fandom liturgical year printed on it, consistent with how I perceive the year with fannish eyes.

Labour Day long weekend of Dragoncon marks the End of Year celebrations which the calender surrounds. The 40 days after the Con is Fan-Lent; a time of fasting, repentance and chemical and emotional detox. October brings the high holy day of Halloween, while December is the Lesser Season of films. The end of February is Dracosymstice, the longest time between Conventions. Finally, June and July mark the Greater season of films, which leads back to Advent.

There are other dates of course, Comic and Entertainment Expo, San Diego Comicon, May the Forth, and so on. Some dates are important, but are not consistent, such as the release dates of comics or movies. The television season used to start in September, but now shows start and stop though the year which makes them movable feast days.

What big fandom dates do you use to mark the year?


Kalisa said...

I enjoy celebrating DragonCon Advent by finally figuring out what I want to cosplay as, then frantically constructing a costume out of the most ghetto-rigged constructs imaginable. I might please the Spirit of DragonCon with my offering, of course.

I also celebrate the day that I get my yellow postcard announcing my membership. Proper celebration involves holding the postcard aloft and dancing around the living room while no one else is home.

Drhaggis said...

Yes the Gods of costuming require blood periodically. A short prayer of profanity is also part of costume creation.

Postcard day is definitely a day of rejoicing!

Kalisa said...

Seeing as I just acquired an exacto knife to aid my prop crafting, that blood sacrifice is looking mighty probable. D:

WGC said...

Ecelent................I enjoy celebrating DragonCon Advent thanks