Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Calgary Steampunk Gathering: Anachronauts Assemble!

I am planning a Steampunk gathering at Heritage Park in Calgary for Saturday, October 11th. Heritage Park is a 1880-1910 reenactment settlement, so it is the perfect setting for our well mannered and anachronistic hyjinks.

The idea is to have lunch at the Wainwright Hotel, ride the steam train, enjoy the free amusements, and have lots of pictures taken in our steampunk finery.

I'm looking for all Calgary area steampunks, neo-victorians, pulp adventurers and keen photographers to attend. Costumes are not required as it should be a fun day out for all. This is Thanksgiving weekend, which will have a strong effect either way on attendance, though I hope works to our benefit. If you are interested in this event, either post here or email me direct.

Keep it brassy!


Anonymous said...

Hi--Would you be willing to extend this invitation to a couple of Saskatchewanians?--I am a newbie to the world of Seampunk, but totally excited, and my husband is becoming intrigued. We are working on our personas at present. I will be the character of Lady Amethyste Topham, a genteel and somewhat timid explorer of antiquity and archeology. My husband may be Gerralt Monmouth, a rather rough-edged and rougish adventurer and photographer.--Regards.M.

Drhaggis said...

Of course Saskatchewatonians can attend. The call is for "everyone in the range of my voice who is willing to travel to Calgary on the day in question."

Including yourselves we have about 10 people coming, which is very impressive. Keep watching this space for future developments for this event.

James Ireland said...

What time will you be meeting up, and are we meeting up at the trolley? (then riding up to the gates) Oh and I'm bringing my own group of Anachronist's to join in the fun, should be around 4 or 6 of us if all goes to plan.

One more thing, just in case other random people (like me) look into this. Gate Prices are: Adult $15, Child (3-17) $10, and Senior (65+) $13. Ride tickets (which include Steam Train, SS Moyie (Steam powered paddle boat that travels the Glenmore reservoir), Wagon Rides and vintage Midway Rides. Are $3 per ticket or $10 for an all day ride bracelet.

Drhaggis said...

Due to the conflicting scheduling of the Calgary Zombie walk, which several of our Anachronauts attend, I have postponed this event.

If your crew still attends Heritage park, please take lots of pictures and post them to inspire future gatherings.

Deez said...

If you do plan a Heritage Park event, let Maggie Pie and myself know as we can get 10 people into the park for free with our passes!