Saturday, March 01, 2008


Lockhart and the Soup Faerie DragonCon is the best and largest science fiction/fantasy/pop culture/awesome convention known to mortal fans. The end of February marks the longest time between these events, and I have dubbed this long, dark time between conventions "Draco Symstice."

Obviously 'Draco' is Latin for 'dragon', while 'syn–' or 'sym–' is Greek for 'together' or 'united', as in 'symposium'. '-stitium' is Latin for a stoppage. I could have minted the term as "Draco Constice," which would make the phrase completely of Latin origin, but it doest have the same ring to it. When you make up a holiday of your own, you get a certain latitude in naming it.

We mark the winter solstice with Christmas festivities, which are based heavily on the pagan Yuletide festivities. Since DragonCon is such a wonderful event and a decidedly pagan kick-ass party, Draco Symstice needs to have similar observations of fellowship and feasting.

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laughingmagpie said...

I'm so tired from my exile this week I am slurring my speech, but your post cuts through the mental fog enough for me to be alarmed that we have almost missed our chance to celebrate Dracosymstice.

Plans are required.