Thursday, November 22, 2007

Trivia to show how smart you are

Here are some quick facts you can use at cocktail parties to show that you are, indeed smarter than the people around you.

-The names of the MGM Lions, in order of use are "Slats" "Jackie" "Tanner" and "Leo". There is an unnamed fourth lion in the sequence, who roared mid-1956 to early 1957.

-Lasersdisc was first sold in 1978 under the name DiscoVision. The first title marketed in North America was Jaws, and the last title released in North America was Sleepy Hollow in 2000.

- The ritual of burning sugar over a glass Absinthe dates from the late 1990's and is not a historical method of serving the drink. This is done with bohemian-style 'absinth' because it lacks many of the oils that create a louche when water is dripped in.

-The book "A Clockwork Orange" was inspired by a real assault on the author's wife. The book inspired a film, which inspired Arthur Bremer to shoot Governor George Wallace. Bremer's diary inspired the film "Taxi Driver" which in turn inspired John Hinckley, Jr. to take a few shots at Ronald Reagan. Don't ever think people can't be inspirational.


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure it would prove that you're smarter than everyone else. Just that you're well versed in inane, useless trivia.



Drhaggis said...

The trick is to interrupt someone with a well placed "Actually..." then drop the trivia.

That seems to pass for smarts.

Anonymous said...

Ha!ha! I'll have to remember some of those and 'drop' them at the right time :o)