Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Dragon*Con 2007 Trip report 1

Here is my the first of my "obligatory post-convention summary reports" for Dragon*Con 2007.

The plan from last year worked so well we reenacted it for this trip. Arrive on the Wednesday before, see some sights in Atlanta on Thursday, enjoy the convention till its ending on Monday, decompress, and fly out on Tuesday. It really is the perfect way to enjoy this event. You get an easy check-in, while on Thursday the Horde moves in. While the bulk of con goers teem and trolley out on Monday, you can watch and order another drink in the bar. Sure it means a few more nights in a nice hotel and a few more days away from work, but I'm willing to make those kind of sacrifices.

During the check-in process at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis, The Phelps Twins were checking-in next to us. A more outgoing member of our entourage invited them to dinner with us at Trader Vic's. They politely declined, and we politely went on without them. Good thing I saw them at this point in the trip, because I wouldn't see them during the convention. More on that later.

Tiki Girls
The Tiki Girls

Trader Vic's was as fun as it was last time. I petitioned the Head Chef, Maitre'd and the waiter to seriously suggest to management to open a location in Calgary. There are four Trader Vic's in the Islamic United Arab Emirates, but none in Canada. Does that sound right to you? Dinner was fantastic, drinks copious, and the Bunnies flew fast and frantic.

The next day brought a return to the Georgia Aquarium. It is a great spot to leisurely spend the day out from under the sweltering Atlanta heat. Many of our party had not been before, and those that had got to re-live all the best bits with fresh eyes.

Group with Beluga
The Group watches the Beluga, and the Beluga watches right back

Returning to the hotel complex, we got our convention passes with little ruckus, but there were about ten times more people in the queue than last time. Still a well handled process, but this was to be a taste things to come.

Dinner this second night was also at Trader Vic's. We met up with several convention buddies and LJ friends. We had to continue calling over more chairs and tables to make room for a group that I think topped out at fourteen. The restaurant was rather full this time, rife with sci-fi fans so eager for the convention to start they already began donning the ceremonial emblems of fandom. A hot rockabilly band was playing, and had there been room to dance, I would have done so with gusto.

A relatively early night on Thursday, because big things awaited on Friday, and you will have to wait another day for the next instalment of my report.

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