Thursday, September 07, 2006

DragonCon 2006: Wednesday T-minus 2 sleeps

Trader Vics Sign
We arrived in Atlanta on the Wednesday before the Convention started. This gave us a chance to acclimatize, unpack and get settled in before the swarm of fans arrived.

First night there called for a celebration at Trader Vic's, a chain of Polynesian-themed restaurants. The group loves all things Tiki, due in part to Tiki Bar TV, so we donned leopard print fezzes and Hawaiian shirts and put flowers in our hair to make it a night to remember.

First, a round of Mai Tais invented by Trader Vic himself to tide us over while we planned our second and round of drinks. The restaurant serves food too, so we ordered a round of that as well.

We couldn't decide between the Scorpion and Kava communal bowl drinks, so round two was suum cuique.

Bananas FosterIn lieu of a third round of drinks we opted for desert, and as most of the deserts have alcohol in them we were sitting pretty. The Rum Ice-cream was good, and the Bananas Foster show was fun to watch.

We stumbled back to our hotel just missing the torrential downpour that was Hurricane Ernesto.

Could the weekend get better? You better believe it could.

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laughingmagpie said...

I can't believe we were at Trader Vic's!! How cool was it to have an icon of Tiki culture right in the convention hotels??

Those drinks were killer. After the Mai Tai and the Tiki Puka Puka I think I was set for the entire 3 days after. So worth it!

And they were playing a lot of my own Tiki lounge mix - I think they must have a copy of some CD I also own. Magic.

Drhaggis said...

I do not believe we were at Trader Vic's. I want to start a petition to build on in Calgary. If the U.A.E has three, I think we should have one.