Friday, September 22, 2006

DragonCon 2006: Sunday Reloaded

A small correction to yesterday's post. After the dealers room but before the Harry Potter Yule Ball, I slipped into my "Captain Proton" costume and had drinks with the Jew Man Group and the Atomic Girls. They were all Blue. I was not. The only Blue costume I would like to do is Smax from Alan Moore's Top Ten series. I fear that I don't have the build to be an eight foot tall strong man.

But speaking of Alan Moore, I did manage to make it to the panel about his works Sunday before the Dance. The discussion was great, with David Lloyd on the panel. He was the artist and co-creator of the V for Vendetta comic series. He was on record as really liking the film, and realizing that the The Wachowski brothers were fans and handled the material with respect. Also on the panel was PVCDiva who added quite a bit of colour and substance to the discussion. ( She said she really doesn't 'do' characters" so she just wore her usual street clothes. Being a "freako goth," her street clothes included purple bustles.)

It was as this point that I went to change into Death Eaters for the Harry Potter Yule Ball.

While in line for the dance, we were recruited to participate in the little sketch before the bands came out. We were to form up behind the Slytherin and "Oooohh" when it was most evil to do so. It was quite the time. The costumes were fantastic: Four (4) spot on Minerva McGonagalls, Snapes of all temperaments, and a brace of Gilderoy Lockharts.

As Death Eaters, we had dark mark temp tattoos which I handed out to all Slytherin who would take one. A couple of people already had Dark Mark tattoos. That is commitment. I dress as a Death Eater because it is fun, but my heart is with Ravenclaw. To put such an evil symbol on one's arm where people can see it is a bit too far for my tastes.

Pictured here is "Ron in his dress robes" looking suitably disappointed. The person in question was rather happy during the event and only moped in-character for photos.

Of note, the Yule Ball lasted about 4 hours, ending at about 12:30, and everyone had a good time. The similar "theme room" parties at Con-version in Calgary ended at 1:00, and everyone bitched about it ending too soon. Think about that for a while.

Panels attended Sunday: One
Panel Total at the end of Sunday: Five
Milking a one week trip into a month of blog entries: Priceless

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