Thursday, September 21, 2006

DragonCon 2006: Sunday con't

The next installment of"Tales from my first DragonCon" begins......wait for it...Now!

After the big meet n' greet that is the Walk of Fame, (see yesterday's post) we moved on to the adjacent dealer's room. I have been at DraconCon for 2 and a half days at this point and I have yet to really see the swag.

At some point on Saturday (the details get fuzzy ) StacyD took me on a little recce through one of the dealer's rooms in the Marriott to pick up a resin replica of the pistol used by Jayne from Firefly. Not "Vera", but the US Civil War era LeMat style revolver Jayne carried in the series. It is a resin cast that I am sanding and prepping for paint. Pictured right, is another fan's finished version of the same prop. I love it big-time, but by the time Sunday noon rolls around, I have yet to really hit the dealer's room proper.

We looked and ogled and fondled through all three (3) huge ballrooms of dealers, exhibitors and artists. We bought mostly smaller things, like patches and keychains as our suitcases were full of costumes. We bought a couple of Geek Shirts each. You know a seller really knows his market when size XXL is right up on top of the t-shirt pile. I got my Kit Fisto Burger King SD figure, coming one step closer to finishing the Fisto collection. I found a booth that had some machined saber parts, but nothing I really needed.

The big find in my hunt was the replica Silent Bob Trenchcoat from Abbyshot. This helps me complete one of the few costumes that really suits my build. A big guy with a beard/goatee with a coat? I totally have that covered.

My former Silent Bob coat, a cromulent black trench coat is fair game. Can it be turned into a Pirate coat? Contact me if you have some costuming suggestions

We never did make it to the art show proper. I walked quickly trough the art show on Friday on the way to help veritate with her wings, grabbing business cards of the cooler booths, but I don't count that as really "seeing the art show".

With our happy collection of swag, we went back to the hotel room to change into Death Eaters for the Harry Potter Yule Ball.

But that is another story, for another day.

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