Wednesday, September 20, 2006

DragonCon 2006: Sunday morning

As time passes I'm having to really stretch my memory to piece together the days events at DragonCon. I guess that's why people blog.

Sunday presented me with a choice. There was going to be a series of big-name-guest panels in the Hyatt Centennial Ballroom, meaning if I got into one, I could ride from 10:00 through till 3:00. Or I could hit the Walk of Fame in the Hilton, and "convention meet" all the guests that were not in the panels. I chose the latter and it turned out great.

We got to the Walk of Fame lineup at around quarter to ten in the morning. Or more accurately the "Alan Tudyk and Summer Glau" line. To get in to see the dozens of other guests, one could walk right in when the doors opened. For two less-well known actors from a three year old canceled series ( that's Firefly for those who don't know) it was a good thing. We waited, we chatted with the other Browncoats in line, and thought about what we were going to say.

When we met Alan we Fanboy-Gushed all over him. My god did we ever! We told him how he's the best thing of anything he's in. We told him about our license plate cover. We got an autograph, and a picture with him (forthcoming). Then we met Summer. We were a little more sedate with her. She is as pretty in real life as she is on screen, and very sweet. We got their booking contact information so we could perhaps bring them to Calgary. Their booking agent is Erin Gray, (Buck Rogers,Silver Spoons) how odd is that?

Then off around the loop. Looking for Ray Park we met Rena Owen, the voice of Taun We, one of the Cloners from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. She was very sweet too and more than willing to talk with us about Star Wars. Next up was Orli Shoshan, who was Shaak Ti in Star Wars. She told us about filming both of her death scenes for Revenge of the Sith, neither making it into the final film. We asked her which way she preferred to go out, and she said by General Grevious. "In the back?" I asked, "Both were in the back" she replied. Good to know. We quizzed her about her makeup and prosthetics. It was very elaborate to say the least.

But there is more! On to the Mythbuster build team. I told Tory and Grant that they had the best jobs ever. I told Grant that he has made being an Electrical engineer cool again. veritate told Kari Byron how pretty she was, so I wouldn't have to.

There were way more people there than I could afford to get autographs from so we ended up just saying hello to many of the remaining guests.
We talked politics with Billy West (Futurama), and told him that if he ever gets fed up he can move to Canada and we'd put a cot out for him. I got to tell Anthony Daniels (C3PO) "Don't get technical with me" for personal fanboy reasons. I shook Kiran Shah's tiny hand and Mike "Virgil" Jones's huge hand.

Liquid assets exhausted, and hands full of autographs, we moved over to the dealers room(s).

But that, is another story.

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laughingmagpie said...

Erin Gray is their agent? Unreal.

Did you find out any tips about Shaak Ti's prosthetics or makeup that a mortal could use? That would be cool.