Wednesday, September 13, 2006

DragonCon 2006: Saturday Post Parade

After the Saturday parade at DragonCon, I mustered with the Rebel Legion for the big group photo. [I will edit and post a pick once I find one].

After the photo shoot I changed out of my Jedi costume and into my "Prisoner" costume from the BBC series "The Prisoner". I am number 17. What number are you?

There was a "Breakfast in the Village" panel after the parade that I had intended on attending, but the Rebel photo shoot trounced over that.

Finally a late brunch with veritate, StacyD, Lexial, and others. I cut this list short because honestly, I can't remember who else was there. [I will edit this if anyone supplies me with additional brunching participants]. Then off to the dealers room!

But wait. Must Pause. All that parading and standing around in the hot and humid Georgia day made me tired and chaffed. I skipped the dealers room and went back to the room for a little DragonCon Tv and sleep. This was the only down time I really had over the weekend. In doing so I missed a fine collection of panels including George Takei and the Mythbusters.

Once awoken later in the day I changed into my Jayne outfit and headed back to Trader Vic's for dinner and drinks in preparation for the Firefly Shindig. We split a Scorpion bowl between four of us and I had a flaming drink in a Skull Mug.

There were hundreds of Browncoats in line for the Shindig. We sang "Hero of Canton" and the "You can't take the sky from me" while we waited to get in. This was quite the Shindig. A costume contest, two live bands and geese juggling. My hand to God, plush stuffed geese.

And the Costumes! One guy was dressed as Serenity, the ship. There were blue-handed agents, all River incarnations, and Browncoats complete with helmets and red vests. Don't get me started on the Cunning hats. For something that is worn in one episode, that didn't even air, it really became a symbol for the fans.

I think the short run of the series is responsible for the devotion of the fan base. By associating ourselves with the Browncoats, with the "right" but losing side, we feel noble in our efforts to promote the franchise. Had the show ran 6 seasons, would there have been such a following? I think there were more Browncoats at Dragoncon then Jedi. It makes me wonder how many local fans there truly are, and if we should throw a Shindig here in Calgary.

Panels attended: Zero
Number of Cunning Hats: Countless
Meeting one's long lost sister Jayne: Priceless

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