Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Dragoncon 2006: Saturday Parade

Onward in my recounting of my first trip to DragonCon.

Saturday is Parade Day, so we got up early, got our Jedi robes on and mustered with the Rohirrim, and Orcs, and Pirates, and Zombie Hunters, and Ghostbusters and other Jedi.

It was great to see so many various costumed groups all in one place. Denise Crosby sat in her parade convertible and chatted with us while she filmed with her handy cam. Half the park was Star Wars characters while the other half was everybody else. We went last so we got to cheer on each group as they passed. I don't think the Star Trek group took us seriously. Where is it written that you can only like one fictional universe?


Seeing so many 501st troopers in one spot is quite the sight. Local groups are such a mix of troops, Scouts, Tie pilots, Sand people, Sith Lords and Mandalorians that we miss out on the true intent of the group. A long white line of armor.


Walking down the middle of the road in full Jedi attire to thousands of cheering people is an experience that can not be diminished. However looking through all the online photos of the parade, I must come to the conclusion that although my costume is screen accurate, it is very boring. There are very few shots of me in an otherwise seamless photographic capture of the parade. Walking in front of the Cardboard Troopers did not help.

Cardboard box Troopers!

Four guys in intentionally makeshift Cardboard Box Stormtroopers stole the show. They reminded us all that costuming is supposed to be fun. We all get so into the fine details of a costume that we lose sight of the big picture. Are the lenses of the helmet curved or flat? Is that the right shade of blue? Do Jedi wear glasses? Slowly forgetting the simple joy of putting a cardboard box on your head and talking like a robot.

All photos ganked from Mr. Beleth from Flickr using the BlogThis feature. Thanks Mr Beleth!

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Anonymous said...

I'll be putting up some patterns for people who want to join us next year, though we're going to keep our own costumes secret until the parade ;)

Here's the article about our trip: drewprops.com/?p=219