Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Steampunk Goggles: Take 2

After I realized that my previous steampunk goggles looked funny with my pith helmet, I remembered that I had a set of goggles I purchased for my Captain Proton costume. These motorcycle style goggles would work well with the style of pith helmet I had, even if they did date from the 1940's (est).

I got my pair from eBay for about $10. Brand new "real" ones from an army surplus or motorbike shop cost $50-$60. These are costume grade "Carting Goggles," and they are very fashionable and trendy.

Carting Goggles

They were shiny and chrome, which would be "innovatively early" for the Victorian age, but my steampunk look needed to have a little more wear-and-tear-and-grit about it. I sanded and painted the chrome with a mixture of golds, coppers, greys and blacks to give it more character.

Painted Goggles

The finished look with the helmet:

For those wondering, the little chain on my pith helmet is purely decorative, and just another greeblie I added to the costume.

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laughingmagpie said...

I didn't think your original goggles looked off with your pith. But these 'new' ones are very nice, neverthe less!

Paul said...

These steampunk stuff seems kind of cool. Noticed a link in an article about William Gibsons new book today, and there was a link to an article about steampunk. Thought you might be interested.
Though you may have seen it already.