Friday, September 28, 2007

Why are there so many goggles in steampunk?

When one first looks into making steampunk costumes, one quickly notes the popularity of goggles. It is practically a cliché. There are many reasons for this. First up is the genres relation to cyberpunk, where goggles are de rigueur. Goggles are needed in most cyber-futures to access the interwebs, and to protect oneself from poison gases and toxic chemicals that we seem to be destined to pollute our future with.

Goggles make sense in a steam powered environment too. If every contraption that surrounds you is powered by coal and steam, the air will be rich and sooty. Goggles are also important when tooling around at high altitude in ones semi-rigid airship or Orinthopter.

From a costuming perspective goggles are a perfect accessory. They set the tone for the whole costume, and they fit everyone.

When I started making my steampunk costume, I found these great old safety glasses on eBay. They had a nice brass coloured patina, so I didn't have to do any repainting. I think they date from about the 1930's but I could be wrong. To kick them up to steampunk standards I added a set of jewellers magnifying loupes to the side with some gold coloured wire. I think they look smashing, and I have worn them both with steampunk outfits and with my Harry Potter Ravenclaw wizard costume.


Michael said...

Love them, Im making my own, but how exaclly did you attatch the double lenses to the glasses?

Drhaggis said...

There is a little clamp on the jewellers loupe, which the primary means of attachment. I added some brass wire to tie it in place to keep it from slopping around.

Post again with pictures of your completed work!

Michael said...

ce. I just got my welders glasses in the mail , plus my gold loupes, and I found 2 really nice old pairs at a flea market. I'll have to do what you did with the wire on the Loupes, because they wont stay on my new glasses, the frame is too thin :)