Friday, August 17, 2007

Rock Band

Rock Band is an upcoming game for the next generation consoles that takes Guitar Hero to the next logical level. By introducing a singer to the mix via the Harmonix karaoke engine, a drum kit controller and a bass track, four people can now rock out together. They are promising online play so you can form trans-continental bands at any time of the day, should the fancy strike you. Of note is the new guitar controller which has ten buttons, with five new buttons added to make the fast hammer-on techniques easier, which is exciting.

Now why would someone play this game rather than form a real rock band? For the same reason that someone will play "Need For Speed" rather than trick out their own car and enter some illegal road races. Because it is cheaper, safer and more accessible to play a simulator. Or more to the point, it is simply more fun.

Watch the following advance promotional video then tell me that it won't make for a perfect party game.

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