Friday, June 15, 2007

Project: Steampunk!

After DragonCon (D*C) last year, I came a conclusion that I have yet to post about, despite promising to do so last year. I ran a cost/benefit analysis on my hobby of making and wearing science fiction and fantasy costumes and found it to be more trouble than it was worth. It is fun, but expensive, and the burdens aren't always overcome by the joys.

But I was fine. I already had enough lightsabers, my "Silent Bob" is done (and fantastic) and my Uruk-hai was tucked away in a Rubbermaid bin with an unknown next-wear-date. I don't really have the physique for most costumes, and I don't have anywhere near the skills needed to take commissions. I thought I was done, save a few exceptions; I would still finish off my Pirate costume, and I bought some simple elements for a Ravenclaw outfit for the big Harry Potter festivities next month.

That changed after I returned from Celebration IV. Seeing all those great costumes made me want to take on a new task, but I wasn't sure what form it would take. I greatly enjoyed not having to haul down and wear a costume at Celebration, but D*C is a different creature. While the D*C programming has so much more to offer than just costumes, the joy of the evening parties is really enhanced by having something awesome to wear. But what to make?

Enter Issue 2 of Steampunk Magazine. In that zine, there is a short manifesto on steampunk fashion. Since I've loved steampunk before I even knew it had a name, reading the article was just the DIY kick in the pantaloons I needed to start a anachronistic Victorian era costume in time for DragonCon 2007.

My Character: Baron Von Haggis, PhD, Airship Captain. A former military man turned adventurer. Overly original? No. Awesome? Yes.

I have recruited the Lady Faraway, as well as a Doctor of Physick, a Botanist of Renown, a Mechanical Lady and an Expert in Mutagenesis in a group expedition to Terminus, Georgia. Do you wanna come with me? If you do then I should warn you, you're gonna see all sorts of things. It won't be quiet, and it won't be calm. But I'll tell you what it will be: the trip of a lifetime.


laughingmagpie said...

Dear Baron,

Perusing the aether-relay known as "steamfashion" on LiveJournal, I re-visited the correspondence that had initially dampened our enthusiasm for the community.

I was heartened to see several members rise to the defense of a broad and encompassing definition of steampunk and steamfashion, and chatised the original anonymous correspondent. While some constructive comments were made on how the ensembles might be further improved, the feeling I came away with today was the more who want to play, the merrier.

Lady Faraway

Lissa said...

Dear Baron:

Am a current resident of Terminus.
Will be attending 2007 Dragon Con with Mockingbird and soon-to-be-dearest-new-spouse.
Recently discovered terminological "Steampunk" description for my particular abnormality. Currently producing "Steampunk - the wedding" will then enter into further modifications. Correspondence requested.

The Future Countess - Lissa

Drhaggis said...

Dear Lissa, Countess of the Future

I would be delighted to return your correspondence and discuss steam powered DragonCon activities, however your Blogger profile is set so I can not see it, even with advanced settings on my difference engine.

I can be reached via aethermail using the moniker "drhaggis" through and the hottest of mail companies. I apologize about the obscurification, but I'm sure you understand.

Baron Von Haggis, PhD