Thursday, June 28, 2007

The many names of Warren Ellis

Warren Ellis is a British author of comics, novels, and television, well known for his sarcastic personality and sociocultural commentaries, both through his online presence and his writing. Through his various online forums he has gained such monikers as "Stalin," "The Love Swami," or "Internet Jesus." You can add one more to the list.

In a recent Livejournal post Richard Stevens, writer and illustrator of the syndicated comic-strip "Diesel Sweeteies," dubbed Ellis "Doctor Spacetime." This was his suitably tongue-in-cheek response to Ellis pegging Rich and his fellow web comic artists as "jerks." As can be witnessed from the LJ comments, Ellis is unsure, and Rich goes old school in his defence.
Ellis' original assessment was his playful response to the sketches that filled Rich and other artists at MoCCA used to fill Hope Larson's Kiss Book.

What a wonderful web of feigned disapproval and underhanded complements.

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