Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Marxist critique of the un-dead

In a recent Diesel Sweeties cartoon (DS#1723) R. Stevens questions the recent popularity of zombies. He makes the case that any other pseudo-ironic pop-subculture, such as "pirate" or "monkey," is a far more compelling, suitable, and noble model for hipster aspirations.

A fan (tristanheydt) writes to Mr. Stevens, and using a fine bit of Marxist class conscious critique, gives suitable cause for the growing interest in, and identification with, the ever growing Zombie Hoard.
...I think the popularity of zombies lies in the growing disparity between the haves and the have-nots in western society, and in America in particular. Vampires are the monsters of the upper classes: aristocratic, powerful, and refined. Ghosts are the monsters of the middle class: stationary, repetetive (sic) , and jealous of privilege and their peers. Zombies are the teeming, hungry hordes of the poor and working class, locked in a cycle they cannot escape.
(Source: R.Stevens April 10th Livejournal)
This seems to be a very reasonable assessment of the un-dead.


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