Saturday, June 02, 2007

Celebration IV: Day 2 -Brushes with Greatness

Day 2 of Celebration IV brought some interesting events. Here is a small sample of my experiences from the day.

For my volunteer shift with Official Pix, I sat as a Guest Escort for Tim Dry. In the 1980's Tim was part of a robotic mime and music duo called Tik & Tok with Sean Crawford. This let to them getting roles in the third Star Wars movie "Return Of The Jedi", with Tim (Tik) as the Whiphid "J'Quille" and Sean (Tok) as Saelt-Marae or as is more commonly known "Yak Face." I got to sit with Tim and talk action figures, the economics of autographs, and the pros and cons of internet publishing.

I attended a panel for the upcoming film, "5-25-77" an autobiographical film about the unique circumstances that led up to Dragonheart writer/producer Patrick Read Johnson getting a sneak peak at "Star Wars" as a teenager, and the effect it had on his career as a filmmaker. Most of the primary cast an crew was there, which was cool. I can't wait to see the finished film in the theatres.

I had tickets to see "A Conversation with Carrie Fisher" which was great. Carrie made us laugh, she made us blush, and she could have had any man in the room. Though I don't know if she told any stories that we had never heard before, there is a certain importance in the telling and re-telling of our myths and legends, as well as our truths and gossips.

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