Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Firefly Fans Hold the Line

I read today that the much anticipated Serenity/Firefly convention in Burbank, California called "Flanvention II" is on the brink of cancellation. "Booster Events," a convention running company, seems to be in financial crisis, and if they can't get it together by December 1st, they will pull the plug on what promised to be the biggest Sereniverse convention yet.

But as Browncoats know, you can't just sit around and wait for others to do for you. When the going gets tough, you do it for yourself. The California Browncoats have rallied and are planning to make sure that anyone who chooses to come out anyway, will have something to do when they get there.

If I had deeper pockets I would love to send down some cash to help out the cause, and buy tea and dumplings for everyone who still shows up to the party, even when the planners are nowhere to be found.

For more information on the topic, here are some useful links:
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