Wednesday, September 06, 2006

DragonCon 2006: First of many reports

I'm back from DragonCon. I'm still mentaly processing the event. More detailed reports will follow. Here are some highlights:

The Good:

- Seeing some of the most amazing costumes ever
- Seeing panels with Anthony Daniels, Amy Pronovost, Ellen Muth, and Elonka Dunin (separate panels, not all the same one)
- Tiki Dinner at Trader Vics
- Countless dealer room finds in including a resin replica of Jayne's LeMat Revolver from Firefly.
- Marching with my Jedi Brothers and Sisters in the DragonCon Parade
- Drinking with the cast of BSG at the Colonial Day Party
- Participating in the sketch at the Hogwarts Yule Ball
- Standing in line with HUNDREDS of Browncoats for the Shindig
- Shaking it in the drum circle

The Bad:
- My camera decided to stop working on the first day of the convention after 2 pictures.
- Coming to the conclusion that I will probably be only able to attend this con every other year due to financial reasons

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Lunar Vixen said...

So you're planning to go to DragonCon 2008 next? I would LOVE to go to a DragonCon... I can't wait to hear about all the details and such!

Elmo said...

Me and Lizzi loved meeting you this weekend! Glad you made it home safely.