Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Con-version 22 aftermath

After months of planning and effort, Con-version 22 ended this weekend. It was a big success, I think. Here are some of the blog postings I found on the subject:
If Randy McCharles is right, and that the true measure of a convention is how much fun everyone has, then this one did very well indeed. To quote:
"One of the most funnest, interesting, entertaining con's I've been to in a long long while!" - slvrblue
A job well done to the rest of the con-com and to all the volunteers. An event of this size can not be done without you.

I will post a more detailed post later, but for now, I'm still recovering and getting my brain to adjust to normalcy, once I figure out what "normal" is anyway.

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laughingmagpie said...

Oh DrH - I've been waiting for you to weigh in on the con!

Regardless, I had a great time. I've never been to a perfect con, but I have been to cons that were less fun than CV22 :). Thanks for including me in some of the programming! Though in retrospect I can see that 4 straight hours of panel participation prior to the costume contest was not the wisest course...

I checked out the links to blogs you posted above. The urge for this costumer geek to go 'freak out' Mr. Random O a little in his blogspot is almost overwhelming. Heheh. Yet I note that slvrblue noticed me as "the dr. lady". What an interesting distillation of my life.

flipz said...

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