Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cutlery Grand Unification

All of these cutlery chimeras exist, to varying degrees of success. The best known hybrid, the spork, has a history dating back to 1874. It became known to me when I was a kid, and I puzzled over them in the Kentucky Fried Chicken utensil and seasoning packets. I do believe this was the perfect tool for eating all three of the varied consistency salads, as well as flaying fried meat from the bone.

The spife's history is less well known, and is filled with kiwis.

The knork is a goofy way of saying "pastry fork"  as they are ultimately the same thing.

The splayd dates to the 1940's but really is taking things too far. Honestly.

Bonus clip! Fictionalized quasi-steampunk history of the invention of the knork from Clone High:

I believe the first post of the image "Grand Unification of Cutlery" is from [the ragbag]. Respect.

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