Thursday, August 12, 2010

Matrix Warranty Shirt

In an attempt to make a cool Matrix styled t-shirt, a clever graphic designer grabbed some readily available Japanese text and arranged it as the familiar "falling code".

But what, ultimately, does it say? Enter Tian, editor of the "Hanzi Smatter" website. While Engrish is the mistranslation of English by those in the far East, Hanzi Smatter is dedicated to Western misuse of Chinese characters. Readers send in suspicious tattoos and Asian-themed products, and Tian attempts to make sense of it all.

Among the many entries of regrettable body art, was this spiffy looking shirt. What does it really say? It says that the graphic designer grabbed the warranty information for an IBM computer. It adds a level of irony to an already cool shirt if you know it says things like "In the case that a malfunction should occur, only repair service will be offered." or "We do not accept orders by FAX."

Unfortunately, we don't know where you can buy such a shirt, but if you find on,e feel free to sound clever about what the shirt actually says.

[Hanzi Smatter: IBM Support Tee]

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