Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Diagram of my online presence

To keep straight the details of all my wheeling and dealing on the internet, I have created this little chart. At first glance it's a mind-numbing mess. Subsequent looks confirm this.
The Slashboing Empire

What it all means to me:

I post to each Flickr, Blogger, Twitter, and Livejournal by logging into each, or via email (which I seldom do). To read all the comments made on my posts, I only have to check Hotmail and Flickr.

What it all means to you:

To read everything that I contribute to the internet, you only have to check my LJ account: drhaggis.livejournal.com and my flickr account: flickr.com/photos/drhaggis. Everything I post to Blogger gets posted to Twitter, which gets bundled with its own content to be fed to Livejournal.

However this has recently changed. The "Loudtwitter" service I was using to bundle twitter missives to livejournal is down, and is unlikely to come back. Meaning I need to find a safe and suitable replacement.

I have also updated the format of Slashboing.ca, in an attempt to keep looking up to date. Let me know what you think!

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