Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A seemingly empty room of ninjas

Twitter is a great venue for quick wit and wordplay. One of the fun projects that utilizes this crowd-source of wit is the All Sorts Collective noun collection. A bot parses Twitter, cataloging creative terms of venery such as "a sneer of critics" or "a sic of editors".

I have posted many such collections to my twitter feed including such gems as "a scum of bounty hunters" and "a quibble of geeks". However my most popular submission is "a seemingly empty room of ninjas", being re-tweeted several times over the past year.

In March, All-sorts.org teamed up with the Owl and Lion gallery in Edinburgh, starting a contest to illustrate collective nouns from the index. Illustrator Parko Polo created a fantastic representation of my ninja collection which will be on display at the Owl & Lion Gallery from 15-27th June, 2010. An artists’ book featuring all 15 illustrations as well as individual prints will be for sale soon.

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