Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Open Letter to DragonCon copy writer.

Dear Person responsible for writing the "New for 2009" page for

I am not one to complain about the hard work and effort people like yourself put into organizing an event as complicated and challenging as DragonCon. I know it is through your efforts that I get a fantastic party. However you should know that the "New for 2009" page, while a fantastic idea, fails in execution.

When this announcement page was first launched it was clear and informative. At a glance I knew that registration had moved to the Sheraton, and that the member badges were going to be made of a thicker material this year. But shortly thereafter, the page was re-written with all the clear facts hidden behind sloppy in-jokes, rambling stories and intentionally obstruficated 'leet' speak, all presented in Comic Sans. None of the these additions are necessary or helpful.

Which do you think is more clear and informative:
  • "Let’s face it; it is really a walk between the Sheraton and the Hyatt. Google Maps lists it as a hike that takes the average person 10 minutes to walk. What Google does not take into account is that the Dragon*Con fan is not the average person. Do you think it would take a wookie carrying two heavy bags of memorabilia or an orc pushing a stroller 10 minutes? No, I think not. Well, you will be happy to know that we will have one of the Dragon*Con buses operation as a “local” shuttle between just the host hotels. And if you have forgotten, those would be the Hyatt, Marriott, Hilton, and Sheraton"
  • A Dragon*Con Shuttle bus will be running between the Hyatt, Mariott, Hilton and Sheraton hotels.
Some details involving operational hours and frequency would be good too, but such details may not have been known at the time. Simple, to-the-point facts are always appreciated. I'm sure no one ever read an informational announcement for an event and thought "What this really needs is Star Trek reference."

Also re-think your use of the font "Comic Sans." It is not really appropriate for clear, formal communication, and is best reserved for actual comic bubbles.

The barrage of near identical questions made to the convention planners in every forum, phone call and email must be exhausting, so having clear, centralized announcements is critical. Please consider taking the time to clean this page up to the standard set by other great pages on the website.

Yours in fandom

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Jeremy Davis said...

lol, I tweeted about this earlier this week. I didn't realize you had taken it a step further and written an entire open letter about it. kudos.