Thursday, July 30, 2009

Vintage Dungeons and Dragons Experiment

I have never played Dungeons and Dragons. That is a bit of a shameful confession in the geek community. I'm not totally unfamiliar with RPGs, as I have played some of the Palladium titles, like "Robotech" and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles". Also, I've played enough computer RPGs based on D&D to know the basic tropes. However, I've never been on a dungeon crawl armed only with a pencil, character sheet, a bag of dice and an imagination.

This is not a completely unheard of situation among my friends. Some of us wanted to play in our youth, but had no one to play with, or our parents outright disallowed it. Realizing a group of my friends were all are missing a core geek merit badge I thought a little project is called for.

I propose to my local friends that we acquire some vintage monster manuals and player handbooks, and start up a game of novices. Let us roll up some characters using the game rules we would have been playing with, had we all met as teens. We could either play it in self-imposed isolation, to simulate the pre-internet world we would have been playing in, or we can play it with a wry 21st century, Web 2.0 mind, blogging and twittering our experience.

I think it may be 3D6 of fun to play with other n00bs, and collectively decode a known obsolete and challenging rule system. This would be a Fall/Winter thing, so we have some time to think about it, pick a common release edition and get some books & dice. Who's with me?


iRob said...

You have my sword.

laughingmagpie said...

And my axe.

Anonymous said...

And my bow!

Drhaggis said...

So be it. You shall be the "Name of the Book"

You guys are The best.