Wednesday, September 03, 2008

DragonCon Ends

I'm back from Dragon*con 2008! I have started uploading pictures to my Flickr account, so watch that space.

I will be posting a full report later, but I'm still in decompression mode, trying to stave off the Post Con Blues. After the big emotional high and physical challenges of a big convention, coming home is a shock to the system. No matter how well things go, I leave feeling inadequate, believing I could have done things better. I could have gone to more panels. My costumes could have been better. I could have been more adventurous. I could have taken more pictures. I could have been less of the person I am, and more of the person I want to be.

This year was probably the best yet, and we will return, because I don't think I can stand missing moments like the one captured here:


viddyviddy said...

YOU MADE IT INTO THE Q&A? LUCKY. I showed up at about 3:30 for the line, and it was already ridiculously long. I wasn't even in a host hotel to watch it on DTV.

I do believe I saw you in the parade! I wanted to yell something along the lines of "Slashboing!" or "Dr. Haggis!" but alas, the parade moved to quickly.

Drhaggis said...

I was in the line for about an hour to get so close. It was worth it, I think.

I hope you enjoyed the steampunks in the parade. Were you costumed up?

viddyviddy said...

I very much enjoyed the steampunkers, not only in the parade, but those I caught sight of all through the convention! There were a lot of be-goggled people to be seen.

I went as Chell from Portal on Saturday. That was a lot of fun, but the heels springs were interesting to wear (duct tape on skin for an extended period =/= a triumph).