Thursday, July 31, 2008

Survey Results

My last post contained a short survey regarding the content and post frequency of Slashboing to get some anonymous feedback. Now that I have enough responses, I thought I would share the results. In general people like what they see, and they would like it updated more. This is good news for me.

What people generally like:
  • Steampunk
  • Costuming
Good! I will keep it up!

What people did not like
  • Movie/book/tv reviews
This was a new kind of post I was doing for 2007, and it doesn't look like it took off. I will be moving my media reviews to Twitter, where they are only 140 characters long. I will be doing more tech reviews, as they have generated lots of positive and constructive feedback.

New kinds of posts:
  • Introspective
  • Interviews with cool people
People want to know "the real" me. This is a direction I'm not really prepared to go, for now. I think I may post a journal type entry periodically, to test the waters.

I have been tossing around the idea of interviewing cool people via-email for a while now so stay tuned for that.

Post more frequently.

This was a common response. I will endeavour to post more often. My Twitter posts have taken over the quick one liners that I would try to stretch into full blog posts, so check that out too.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

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