Thursday, July 03, 2008

Reviews: Merangue Multiriter

There are very few reviews for pens, which is a shame given their utility and necessity. Even in a digital world, a good and reliable pen can make the difference between being prepared or being a schmuck.

I have owned two Merangue Multiriters, and neither have survived contact with the outside world. At home they preformed very well. They have four very useful and effective nibs: A blue pen, red pen, automatic pencil, and a touch screen stylus. Instead of an awkward set of individual selector sliders, one simply tips the pen to the appropriate side and presses down on the clicker. Very slick, and with no silly cap to lose I thought this would be a fantastic piece for every day carry.

However the clicker is poor, and once it fails all is lost. Neither pen I have carried into the field has lasted more than 8 hours. This product has failed me for the last time.

Forget you pen.


Anonymous said...

Ahh, the pen. So misunderstood. So many cheap ones out there, so much potential.

Apparently you have to go to Japan to get a really good pen these days....

I'm a fan of the Pilot HiTec Point V5 (and the RT retractable version that's harder to find) and the Uniball series.

Liquid ink, fast-drying, durable, and smooth. I find that gel pens run out too fast, and ballpoints are too hard on the hand.

In the ball-point class, the Zebra has served me well in the past.

Check out:


(If you want to make an order let me know and we can split shipping.)

-- RSmith

iRob said...

The last Merangue pen I owned was a fish. It didn't write very well, but I was all like: "Hey, it's a fish!"