Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ninja/Pirate flowchart

Ninja/Pirate flowchart
Originally uploaded by Drhaggis.

A new theory in ninja /pirate relations is under consideration. Inclusion of the oft ignored "cowboy" transitional phase may be the first breakthrough in years.


tim said...

I too have researched the phenomenon and came to the conclusion that while cowboys are great fun and certainly have the advantage in dry and sandy regions, the greatest missing archetype is the viking.
Vikings can easily match the battle prowess of pirates should they meet on the salty seas, especially if it would come to a mano a mano on deck, and where they miss the stealth and subtlety of ninjas they have huge battleaxes and beards that are well able to catch many a throwing star preventing any harm to the wearer until he (or she, that's how cool vikings are) is in dismembering range. You should take this in account in your research. Best of luck

Writergirl said...

Hey, don't forget ninjas are deadly silent/stealthy; whereas, come on now, cowboys got those dang horses who make the infamous cloppity, clip, clop noises. So, linking a ninja to a cowboy, not plausibe. Nice try though. Keep at it.

Drhaggis said...

Coyboys are a transitional phase. The theory is that ninjas must pass though cowboy to get to pirate, who are also loud and cloppy with their peg legs.

The theory is still evolving but progress is promising.

iRob said...

I may be misinterpreting here, but if you examine the entire diagram it suggests that all things flow from *ahem* um.. 'wang'.

Drhaggis said...

That's not a wang, it's a NAND gate.
Awkwardly close, however.