Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Repect John Munch

At the time of writing, the character of John Munch is the only character to appear in nine different series, portrayed by the same actor. The actor in question being the one time funny man, Richard Belzer. I loved the character on Homicide, and was glad to see him move on to Law and Order when the first series ended.

richard belzer
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The deadpan Munch can be found in:

Granted most of these are from the Law & Order franchise, but it is still an impressive achievement. This character is iconic enough to be included in the Sesame Street production of "Law and Order: Special Letters unit".

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Cardinal said...

Nice post on John Munch. He's one of my all-time favorite TV characters. Richard Belzer is one exceptionally talented fellow. It's a shame his role on "SVU" has been slashed from 22 to 13 episodes. Belz doesn't know why and we're all baffled, including him.

I have a favor to ask, please. I'm asking fans of Munch to please write a letter to Dick Wolf & Neal Baer, to show support for both the character of Munch and for Belz. If you'd like to help, please do this:

E-mail a copy of your letter to Belz's manager (which, in turn, may make it to Belz):

Eric Gardner, Panacea Entertainment,

Then, please print out and send your letter to:

Dick Wolf & Neal Baer
Chelsea Piers
Pier 62/Suite 305
New York, NY 10011

Many, many thanks!