Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dragon*Con 2007 Saturday report

I know it has been a few months, but I feel that I should complete my day-by-day diary and report from Dragoncon 2007.

Part the First: The Parade

Last year I was lucky enough to be in the parade as a Jedi. This year I chose to watch, so I could cheer each group and get some decent pictures. I got some great shots, but was unfortunately on the opposite side of the street from veritate to capture her properly whilst she was performing in the parade. I loved seeing the Monarch's henchmen and the Ghostbusters herding a Louis Tully through the streets. My parade shots can be seen on my flickr set.

Monarch Henchmen Louis Tully and the Ghostbusters

Part the Second: Convention Activities

After the parade, I hit a quick panel on Star Wars Lego. The host of the discussion wore a full body Darth Vader costume made from Lego. He gave a review of the Lego Star Wars licence, and some of the terms and challenges that are unique to Lego builders. The custom minifigs were fantastic, with LEDs mounted in the droids and Clone Commandos making them really unique. Note the minifig based on the concept art Luke figure from Celebration IV.

Lego Vader Helmet off Custom Lego Luke and Clones

Other convention highlights include finding music by the zombie rock group The Serpenteens, getting some comics signed by Adam Hughes, and finding the Eighth Doctor TV movie on DVD.

Part the Third: Evening sortie

The evening hours were spent in my "formal steampunk" costume at the Wolfpack party. The Wolfpack is a group dedicated to quality costumes and props, supportive members, and kick-ass parties.

This party was indeed kick ass, with rock from the Killer Robots, pole dancing girls and friendly hosts. I was personally thanked several times, with a handshake, for coming to the the event.

Killer Robots are coming to get you

My Saturday Flickr photos

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