Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Steampunk party at Dragoncon

There will be a Steampunk Party at Dragoncon this year, and I'm very much looking forward to it.

STEAMPUNK PARTY INFO (subject to change)

Location: International Suite.
Date: Friday August 31
Decor: Nautilus

Officially the party starts at 6pm. The wedding will take place at 5:30. Only minions will be allowed into the suite before 5:30. Invitation only after 6.

The organizers will be in costume parading around, and handing out invites to random neat people. The Brute Squad will be enforcing law and order at the event.

This is how the invites to the party will go. The minions will get a marker to wear allowing them access to the party. Each minion who wears a marker can bring two guests with them, but the minion must be present when these people through the door. The people who contribute money to the party will get invites. We are not asking for your life's savings, but some help would be nice. Each person will get one invite per $10 they contribute to the party. Each invite will have a plus two on it. So, for example, if you give an invite to a friend, that friend can bring two random others with them, without the minion having to be present. The goal is to have a great party, free of moochers.

General list of events:

6pm... party starts
7pm... photos, greet and stuff, and well, drinking
8pm... bardic contest
9pm... minion slave auction (slaves only slaves until midnight)
10pm... loaded questions and strip poker in the master bedroom

After that nothing else is planned so far, but this may change as well. The party will go until the last person drops.

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