Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Steampunk Costume Update

As promised, I bring you some previews of my steampunk Airship Colonel costume that I will be wearing at Dragoncon this year.

I don't have any pictures of the complete costume yet, but here are some highlights. First up is my shoulder mounted tool holster. As an independent owner/operator of the intrepid "Vertigo," I have to be ready to tend to the needs of my ship myself. I carry a few essential tools at the ready so I'm not caught with my pantaloons down should mechanical difficulties arise. Along with the basic adjustment drivers and spanners, I carry a German made nautical navigation gauge to help me plot my course through the treacherous skies.

I could not find an affordable cocked bicorne in my size, so a pith helmet makes a glorious second choice. The pith helmet was worn by almost all military divisions at some time, especially for jungle/hot weather activities, making this more than suitable for adventuring in the Lost City of Atlanta.

Also pictured are my brass goggles with adjustable jewellers magnifying loupes. I feel that the pith helmet interferes with the glasses, and vice-versa, so these goggles will be worn with my more formal steampunk attire, rather than my flight service kit.

A must for any navigation is a good compass. I acquired a nice brass Ross compass during my excursions to antique stores with with the Ladies Faraway and Fulton.
Day 317 - Brass Compass

Last up is my aether splitting disrupter, seen here in its pristine finish, as it came from the armoury. It has seen significant action since I first acquired it, and now sports a lovely patina.

Silver Space Gun

I think I am ready for whatever the Lost City of Atlanta can dish out.


Anonymous said...

LOVE the pith hat - I'm sure you'll look awesome!! Now I get the glasses (from the HP event)...


Kris said...

Does the airship Vertigo by chance have docking facilities for a wandering pilot and his vanship?