Thursday, July 19, 2007

Name that emblem

Day 295 - Name that emblem
Originally uploaded by Drhaggis.

I picked up this pin on eBay for a steampunk costume because it looks cool, and the symbology is not readily recognized. Then I thought I should probably know what the pin meant before I starting wearing it.

The left hand side has a coloured enamel bandage wrapped skull, while the right side is an embossed profile of a living man. The bottom has a torch and the letters "EMRB". The pin was made in France, and the auction was French, so I'm presuming that the organization that used this pin was also French.

I have googled the letters "EMRB" and "ERMB" and nothing meaningful has come up.

The question to you is: What is this? What does it represent.?


Anonymous said...

Sure looks like a medical profession related badge to me. That's the sceptre with snake at the bottom, right? Emergency Medical Registered . . . S..... ?

Drhaggis said...

The bottom symbol is definitely a torch. It is neither a caduceus nor a rod of Asclepius. A larger version of the photo can be seen here.

Though I think you are correct in relating the symbols to the medical profession. The bandaged skull and what I believe is a depiction of Apollo Helios, both point to a medicine/healers organization.

Foxman said...

Can you put up a link to the ebay auction? That might help track it down...