Saturday, June 09, 2007

1001 Apologies to my Livejournal Posse

To the eleven people who read Slashboing via the handy-dandy Livejournal syndicated feed, I am really sorry for the repeated posts that crop up periodically.

This happens both when I make and edit to an older post, or when Blogger and/or Feedburner and/or Livejournal decides to mess with my stuff. Although I do try to keep the edits to my old posts to a minimum sometime it is necessary. However I have no control, as far as I know, over how the feed gets generated or displayed in Livejournal.

We here at Slashboing appreciate your readership and hope the occasional flooding of your Friends page with vintage posts does not sully the experience.

P.S. Invisible Sandwich

Day 255 - Invisible Sandwich

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