Friday, March 02, 2007

Steampunk Star Wars

I love most steampunk art and stories I find. I love steam powered difference engines and coal belching from automatons. I also love Star Wars. Now if only some cleaver artist would combine these into a 4 Mega-awesome ball, I would be very happy.

Oh, wait Eric Poulton did just that. I won't post any pictures, so you have to go to his site directly. But I will quote the description of the Steampunk Lord Vader:
"More machine than man, Vader is the Empire's most decorated General and a very powerful practitioner of the Force's dark arts. He is obsessed with communicating with the spirits of the dead, spending every sleepless night trying in vain to contact his lost love. Twisted and broken in body and mind, Vader is driven with sadistic passion.

He is a master with the traditional weapon of Force champions, the Phlogisticated Aether Torch, more commonly referred to as the phlogisabre."
I can't really describe his art with any justice. Check it out yourself.


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