Saturday, March 10, 2007

Star Wars Lightsaber Duel: Ryan vs Dorkman 2

Michael "Dorkman" Scott and Ryan Wieber are back with another Star Wars fan film lightsaber duel. A sequel to "Ryan vs Dorkman" from 2003, "Ryan vs Dorkman 2" offers some great special effects, and a good utilization of their environment. Given that they choreographed, shot, edited and did all the special effects with just a few friends, the overall result is commendable. The "lightsaber floor flick" move is a new favourite of mine.

A hi-res version can be downloaded here. [Link]

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Chris said...

Just wanted to let you know that Ryan and Dorkman are going to be appearing in a live Q&A online this Sunday to talk about how they made the film and some of the visual effects techniques they were able to use on their low budget. It's starting at 7PM EST on March 18th and we'd love to have you come by. Thanks!

-Chris Hanel

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