Thursday, March 01, 2007

DragonCon Solstice

DragonCon is the best and largest science fiction/fantasy/pop culture/awesome convention known to mortal fans. The end of February marks the longest time between these events, so just as the memories of the last event have faded, and the seasons have changed twice, we see on the horizon a new event.

As the winter solstice is where the days are the shortest and the sun is at its greatest distance from the celestial equator, I dubbed this long, dark time between conventions "Draco Symstice," borrowing terms from both Latin and Greek. Obviously 'Draco' is Latin for 'dragon', while 'syn–' or 'sym–' is Greek for 'together' or 'united', as in 'symposium'. '-stitium' is Latin for a stoppage. I could have minted the term as "Draco Constice," which would make the phrase completely of Latin origin, but it doest have the same ring to it. When you make up a holiday of your own, you get a certain latitude in naming it.

We mark the winter solstice with Christmas festivities, which are based heavily on the pagan Yuletide festivities. Since DragonCon is such a wonderful event and a decidedly pagan kick-ass party, Draco Symstice needs to have similar observations of fellowship and feasting. Stay tuned with details on how the fans of Calgary marked the occasion.

Happy Draco Symstice everyone!

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