Monday, February 05, 2007

Upcomming Star Wars Toys

Galactic Heroes from Hasbro are Star Wars figures aimed at ages three to eight. They are child-like cartoony representations and are about two inches tall and have limited articulation. If you thought Darth Maul couldn't be "cute," you were wrong.

I collect some of these, if the particular figure really catches my eye. And a set did make me take notice in the Wave 3 of the 2007 series. There I find a "Return of the Jedi" Luke and Vader "final dual" two-pack. As you can see their poses are mirrored in a kind of classic fencing stance. I can't help but think of "Jazz hands" when I see this.

Also, the Red Royal Guard is awesome, and cleverly packaged with a Death Star Gunner so to get the requisite number of two flanking guards, you have to buy an additional pack. Curses!

Also of note is the new Jedi Star Fighter Lego set complete with hyperspace ring. This is cool enough to make me think about getting it, but the deal maker is the Lego Kit Fisto mini-fig. This is the first time the Jedi has been made in Lego form, although I figured one would be in the works since he was a playable character in the Lego Star Wars game.

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