Thursday, January 11, 2007

2007 Convention Calender

Here are some of the interesting conventions I am planning on attending this year. Some other events have not finalized their dates, so they have not made the list.

March 25
Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show - Edmonton, Alberta

This is run by Shane Turgeon of Tattoos and Toys and, so you know it is a good show.

April 29
Comic and Entertainment Expo - Calgary

A new, but well run expo by Kandrix Foong. I'm really looking forward to this one, hopefully we have another good Star Wars Fanforce turnout again this year.

May 19-20
Otafest - Calgary, Anime Convention

A fun time, even if you only have a passing interest in Anime. There is lots of Japanese Cultural content as well.

May 24-28
Celebration IV - Los Angeles, Official Star Wars Convention

2007 is the 30th Anniversary of Star Wars. This convention will be a mecca for all Star Wars fans.

August 31 - September 3
Dragon*Con 2007 - Atlanta Georgia, Multi-genre Convention

If every sub-genre of fandom called a truce for four days, and had a party in three fantastic hotels, this is what you get. Pure fandom bliss.

October 27 - 28
Manitoba Comic Con & Sci Fi Expo - Winnipeg, MN

This show has David Prowse, so I think it is worth the road trip for our Star Wars Fan Club.

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Shuffledog said...

Hey! I deleted the email that tells me where I'm going tomorrow. Can you send me another email?