Friday, December 08, 2006

Drinkbot Symposium

RoboExotica 2006
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On November 14th, I blogged about Robot Bartenders, both real and fanciful. Seems that the serving of cocktails by a robot is significant enough to warrent a symposium.

Roboexotica is an event that runs December 5th-10th in Vienna, Austria in an attempt to:

"publicly discuss the role of cocktail robotics as an index for the integration of technological innovations into the human Lebenswelt, or to document the increasing occurrence of radical hedonism in man-machine communication."
The official sub-title of the event is "Cybernetics and Robotics as an Interdisciplinary Universal Science."

To me that sounds like an excuse to build funky robots and drink lots.

"If you turn your back on science, science will take you from behind" - Dr Tiki.

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