Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why I blog

Long before I launched Slashboing I was reading blogs. Some were read because I found them interesting and informative. Others I found by accident through the usual web searches. Looking at the bulk of blogs I would stubble upon I figured I could never start my own blog. Why? Because I don't fall into any of the following categories:
  • religious zealot
  • conspiracy theorist
  • hate-filled misanthrope
  • *squee* OMG like so in love with Linkin Park
  • homophobic bigot
  • political asshat
  • exhibitionist
So what made me start blogging?

I found that many of my friends had blogs, or online journals, that not only didn't fall into one of blogging crap traps, they were informative and thought provoking. Surely I could do that.

Except this post. Not really much going on here. It looks like the blog orchid has been pretty thoroughly picked over. Maybe some of the blog blossoms will grow back by tomorrow.

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