Tuesday, October 10, 2006

For the love of Wiki

I love Wikipedia. This is no secret. I love the concept of the "Wiki". I love the community, the good will, and collective common good that result from wikiuse. The ease in which information can be collected, distributed and corrected makes a Wiki the fastest way to get large amounts of information from a distributed network.

Besides Wikipedia, here are some of my favourite wiki projects that I use regularly:
Besides being a great and nearly definitive source of information, these Wikis also serve to keep fannish chatter (which I love) off the serious encyclopedic articles of Wikipedia (which I love too) .

Are there any other cool wikisites that others should know about? Comments are encouraged.

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1 comment:

Foxman said...

I've found a few game wiki's I use a lot (World of Darkness and some D&D ones). Wikis rock!

I bow to your geekness of being an admin on the Homesar wiki, mindly supprised you are an admin there and not on the firefly wiki ;)