Sunday, September 10, 2006

DragonCon 2006: Thursday Evening

After returning from the Georgia Aquarium (see previous post) we went and picked up our DragonCon memberships. It took about twenty minutes from door to pass, which is pretty good. If we had come in Friday it may have taken much longer as evidenced by this YouTube video:

They spelled my handle wrong on my pass, instead of DRHAGGIS it read ORHAGGIS, but I sharpied it into shape. After collecting our passes we met up with StacyD and Nichole, and their crew. We decided to split up for dinner so Sith@heart, Beer@heart, LaughingMagpie, Mr Smith and I went out for Gladys Knight and Ron Winan's Chicken and Waffles. You read that right: chicken & waffles. These are foods us Canadians only see on television. veritate and I had a list of foods we had to have whilst in the South, including Grits, Pecan Pie, Iced Tea, Georgia Peaches and "Chicken & Waffles". It is an odd combination, all midrange, with few highs and lows. The hot sauce that goes with the chicken is an odd pairing with the waffle sauce.

After dinner we regrouped and made our way to the Marriott pool. There we met Chad and Elizabeth, whom we would catch up with several times through the convention. Yay convention friends!
Lizzi as Rogue

Chad and the Chief

Lizzi as Rogue
Lizzi as Rogue,

both pictures originally uploaded by Chad Henderson.

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Anonymous said...

meeting you guys was one of the reasons this was our best cons yet.

- Chad and Elizabeth

laughingmagpie said...

Did you ever get a Peach? Not eating a Georgia peach is one of my big regrets!

I was talking to my family on the phone and it was the first thing they asked. I was ashamed to say I didn't.

But the watermelon was great!