Thursday, August 24, 2006

7 Deadly Sins: A survey

For the last couple of weeks of Slashboing I have been using the 7 Deadly sins icons to illustrate my current mood or theme of my daily post. Lifted direct from the LiveJournal "current mood" setting, but used as a response to a repeated question from Serenity, "Do you know what your sin is?"

For completeness here is what the whole set looks like. I did not make these images, but found them in my travels. Feel free to use them as you need.

Using trend tools from Blogpulse, I found a survey of the use of each sin in all blogs.

Pride and Anger trend together around 1.2% of blogs polled. Below 0.25% comes Lust, Envy, Greed, Sloth and Gluttony. There is an interesting spike around May 8th where most of the sins collectively take an eighth of a percent hike. It looks like there was a "What Deadly Sin are you" quiz meme that circulated around that time.

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