Monday, July 17, 2006

No sleep till Tatooine

After the much-anticipated "Star Wars Marathon" at BobaJay's place, I expected a few revelations. I hoped that after viewing the 6 movies, 2 seasons of the Clone Wars, and the Holiday Special Boba Fett cartoon in their chronological story order I would have a deeper insight into the nature of the Force, and a better understanding for the Star Wars universe as a whole.

What I did end up learning is the following:

  • The marketing department at Jolt Cola has done a great job
By packaging their product in large battery style metal cans, they have effectively made their product frightening to the uninitiated. The Jolt Cherry Bomb I tried had everyone on edge. They pack the container with extra CO2 so the bottle emits a "pfoomp" when opened, which makes everyone take notice. "You are not going to drink that whole thing, are you?" Hells yes I am.

Using a 4-digit Character/Number/Character/Number code only gives 67,600 unique numbers, not enough to stock a galaxy. This is diminished further if "R2" is the model number, giving only 260 unique numbers in the set. Most of the Expanded universe has the whole name being model designator, so there could be 100 R2-D2 units working on the same project, meaning the customer would have to assign a unique identifier to each of his droids. The films do not support this, as this designation is used as a unique name to give orders to a specific unit.

The short and the long of it is, if R2-D2 is his name, then we don't know the series name, but if it is his series model number, then we don't know his name. Deal with it.

  • 1:3:8 is a very good "showers/meals/hours of sleep" ratio

Nuff said.

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laughingmagpie said...


I am just sleepy enough - I have a coffee in my hand, but it's not all sunk in yet - to see parallels between your droid moniker statements and Heisenberg. It makes the universe a beautiful place.