Friday, July 28, 2006

How to carry a Lightsaber #1

Here are a few bonus insomnia 3:00am Slashboing posts. w00t!

There are a few canonical ways of wearing your saber on your belt:
  1. Hung from a belt hook with a d-ring on the saber (Original Trilogy Style)
  2. A cell phone style universal clip (Prequel Trilogy Style)
  3. Tucked into the obi (Luke, ROTJ Style)
  4. Tied onto the belt with leather strips (Aurra Sing EU Style)
All methods are cheap and easy. Belt hooks are available from Tandy leather, or from anyplace that cuts keys. Don't use a Carabineer. Don't use a dog leash clip. For the love of the Force do it right.

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laughingmagpie said...

Don't any of us sleep anymore?


iRob said...

I find the "duct tape it to your forehead" method, (although not canonical) very secure.