Friday, June 23, 2006

Faux Soviet Meme #1

There is a minor thread running through many offerings on the internet. Beneath the Ninja/Pirate conflict, more subtle than serpents on a cessna, there lies the desire to be a cold war commie.

This is an apolitcal desire. Not a retreat from capitalism, but merely a love of fur hats, vodka and an alphabet that kinda looks like ours, but isnt really.

I present the first in a series of Faux Soviet findings on the web. This isn't ment to be an exhaustive list, just a good one.

First up is a Big Rock Beer ad made by Darren Robert Lee and Jason Kniss. This is not on You Tube, so you have to click the link. Old skool. Note how they translate "Beautiful" as "Kournikova."


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